How it All Started
WOTC 107.7 Off Tha Chain Radio was established in February 2009 and went on air for the first time, March 1, 2009. The founders, Ike "Mr. Ike" Newton and Michael "Big Mike" Reid, came together with a mutual goal of wanting to start an internet station that was different from others. The creation ended up being an uncut hip hop station that not only played popular music, but independent artists as well. Jasmine "Baby J" Morris was soon added to the team and she introduced the smoother personality and style of the WOTC which included more R&B, celebrity interviews, and a cleaner image of the station as a whole. We truly believe that WOTC can grow to be one of the hottest stations on the net as long as we continue to be unique, unbiased, and true to the music.
Our Mission
WOTC was created with the mission of bringing you the hottest HipHop & R&B. Our definition of "hottest" has nothing to do with the artist(s) budget or popularity. We let the music speak for itself. This internet station is our interpretation of not only what people want to hear, but also what they need to hear. Music that may not always get a chance to be main stream, has a hot beat or groove, may have a message, or just carries the very essence of what is missing in our music today. We intend to play what's hot on the charts AND what's hot underground.
Our Future
We at WOTC urge you to listen in and watch us grow as a station, help us become better, and let us know what YOU want in a hot internet station. Whether you want more music, news, interviews, or anything you feel would create the best radio experience for you... that's what Your Station, Your Music is all about. Being able to suggest updates or changes to your station and seeing those suggestions come to the forefront of your experience with WOTC. Being able to truly decide what is hot and what is just imitation. Making the decision to tell your station what is Off Tha Chain.
WOTC 107.7 is a 24/7 station with various mix shows. We can be heard through iTunes Radio, TuneIn, Pandora, Nokia Internet Radio, and many other streaming outlets. WOTC is also apart of the Vengeance Media Network.
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