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Mr. Ike has always had a deep love for music. He began rapping at the age of 13, but moved his focus to the business aspect of music by the age of 20. He was featured on Life Source presents "The Package" compilation and also reviewed in Rap Sheet magazine. On top of being a recording artist, Mr. Ike did promotions and in his spare time, his own mixes. "I am Off Tha Chain" when it comes to mixes. I always step outside the box", says Mr. Ike. As a native of Memphis, TN, soul music flows through his blood.

Mr. Ike (CEO/Mixer)  
DJ Baby J

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DJ Baby J is no stranger to the radio world. Known for her fun radio personality on WILD 99.7 in Green Bay, WI, she continues to bring humor and great music to her shows and interviews. "I have moved around alot so I always know how to connect with different types of people. Everyone loves a girl with humor." Baby J has lived in Chicago, St. Louis, Green Bay, and now resides in Tennessee. "Chicago is ALWAYS home for me though!" Born to do music whether it be singing, writing, producing, or DJing... Baby J promises to make you nod your head.

DJ Baby J (COO/DJ)  
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DJ Joetic

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DJ Extraordinaire, has plenty of DJ experience. Joetic can spin whatever you want to hear. His hilarious personality and charisma always wins over the listeners. With a BA in communications and roots in producing music, Joetic is ready to make serious moves. "I even had the chance to teach when I was still in school! That's let's you know that I know how to do what it do!" Expect to be entertained when you listen to Joetic get on the mic and let the music flow.

DJ Joetic (DJ)  
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